Announcement regarding the COVID-19 Corona virus

Dear all, this is an announcement regarding the COVID-19 Corona virus.

We are all doing our very best to run the 2020 CwRS and LPIS QA programme as smooth as possible. So, for now, no disruption but we follow the developments and will send out updates if the situation changes. 

Best regards from the team 


The JRC welcomes you to the Web application studied and implemented to fulfil the CwRS users needs.

This system will try to improve your daily experience and to answer to your needs and wishes about the management of the CAP image acquistion Campaign.

Our team sincerely hopes to satisfy your expectations. 

In case something is not working just report the issue to, together with a description of the context and a screenshot of the misbehaviour. 

2020 VHR Specifications and 2020 HHR Specifications are on line ...

The 2020 VHR Specifications and 2020 HR Specifications have been published. Pls. have a look at them and make any comments to us at

All new issues are highlighted in YELLOW. 

G4 Quicklook Browser - how to clear cache

To be able to use the QL Browse well, please clear the cache of your browser. In Chrome you have to type SHIFT+F5, in Firefox CTRL+F5, in IE CTRL+SHIFT+DEL. 


Welcome to G4CAP

The Web application for the management of the CAP CwRS and LPIS QA campaigns

G4CAP is a Web application, provided by the Joint Research Centre for DG AGRI.
It is used to manage all information flow between stakeholders involved during the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) satellite image acquisition campaign:

  • DG AGRI;
  • the JRC;
  • the image providers and operators;
  • the Member States Administrations;
  • their appointed contractors.

This application is a key component of the Directorate D Sustainable Resources, D.5 Food Security, MARS-CAPLAND Project (JRC Project Browser #4849), Workpackages:

  • CAPISA, CAP Implementation Support Activities, Project Browser #3889
  • GTCAP, Guidance and Tools for CAP implementation, Project Browser #496.

Contact us:

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The CAP is a common policy for all the Member states of the European Union. It is managed and funded at European level from the resources of the EU annual budget.
Launched in 1962, the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is a partnership between agriculture and society, between Europe and its farmers. Its main aims are:
  • to improve agricultural productivity, so that consumers have a stable supply of affordable food;
  • to ensure that EU farmers can make a reasonable living.