Pilot4CAP [https://g4cap.jrc.ec.europa.eu/G4CAP/pilot4cap] is a platform for sharing Pilot projects for the new CAP2020+ hosted and coordinated in the G4CAP Web application.
This platform calls for sharing/reporting of publicly known new or ongoing pilot projects performed in preparation for the new CAP 2020+.
Projects on subjects: IACS, OTSC, LPIS, Land Use, Land Cover, (IT or other) services making use of imagery such as Sentinel optical, Sentinel radar, VHR/HR satellite, aerial photo, RPAS or High Altitude drones (HADs) can be entered.
The aim is to build an information basis for the EC Services, and the MS Administrations.
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19An automated SOM clustering based on data topologyOtherHR (commercial imagery) Joint Research Centre of the European CommissionECEC ServicesKadim Tasdemir; Pavel Milenov; Brooke Tapsalllink
35Artificial Intelligence applied to spatial informationLand useSentinel optical GRAFCANES - Canary islandsOtherJavier García Pérezlink
8Automated Detection of alpine fodder areas (AFA)Land coverVHR (commercial imagery) Agrarmarkt AustriaATPaying AgencyBernadette Dangllink
20Automated detection of grassland mowing, arable and abandoned landLand useSentinel optical and radar JSC "Geomatrix"LTPrivate contractorGedas Vaitkuslink
26Automatic procedures for the identification of changes in the actual use of agricultural landLand useOtherGeodetic Institute of Slovenia,SI - SloveniaMinistry Agriculturedr. Mihaela Triglav Cekadalink
36CAP monitoring in MALTA (Crop Verification - Tomato VCS & Agric. Activity)LPISOtherARPA - MESDCMT - MALTAPaying AgencyEmanuel Azzopardi 
31Conceptualization of the implementation study of the nature conservation app in agricultural and administrative practiceOTSCPhoto Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF)DEPublic research (academic)Prof. Dr. agr. Sonoko Dorothea Bellingrath-Kimuralink
21COPERCAPLand coverSentinel optical Agrotechnological Institute - Junta de Castilla y LeonES - CASTILE AND LEONPaying AgencyAlberto Gutierrez; David Nafrialink
27Crop detection/recognitionLand coverSentinel optical SFA (State Fund Agriculture)BGPaying AgencyRositsa Ivanova 
12Crop Map of England (CROME)Land coverSentinel optical and radar Rural Payments Agency EnglandUK_ENPaying AgencyRupert Waite 
34Crop monitoring by remote sensing for the selection of risk samples: a pilot experience in northern Aragón (Spain)OTSCSentinel optical Gobierno de AragónES - ARAGONPaying AgencySamuel Esteban Rodríguez 
2CzechAgri ProjectLand useSentinel optical and radar SZIF (State Agricultural Intervention Fund)CZPaying AgencyLucie Savelkovalink
25DataBio CAP SupportServicesSentinel optical NEUROPUBLICGR - C. MacedoniaPrivate contractorPanagiotis Iliaslink
1Detection and control of Catch cropLand useSentinel optical and radar DK Agrifish AgencyDKMinistry AgricultureHenrik Berg 
14European Forest Downstream Services - Improved Information on Forest Structure and DamageOtherOtherJoanneum Research, AustriaAT - EuropeOtherMathias Schardt, Joanneum Research; Vassil Vassilev, ReSAC (for the local pilots implemented in Bulgaria)link
38Expertise in the use of Sentinel 1 and 2 imagery to monitor the agricultural activity of the ARMA beneficiariesLand coverSentinel optical and radar Agency for Restructuring and Modernisation of Agriculture (ARMA)PL - POLANDPaying AgencyStanislaw Sas 
13Geoland2, Core Service: Agri-Environmental Indicators Core Information Service (AgriEnv Core Information services)OtherOtherInfoterra GmbH; Astrium GmbHFR - EuropeOtherAlexander Kaptein, Airbus Defence; Radko Radkov, ReSAC (for the local pilots on farmland abandonment and HNV farmland)link
22Grass cover monitoring in olive grovesIACSSentinel optical DG Ayudas Directas y de MercadosES - AndalusiaPaying AgencyJuan Soler 
10Grassland mowing detection systemLand useSentinel optical and radar Estonian Agricultural Registers and Information BoardEEPaying AgencyKai Raudvere 
32Implementation of monitoring in AndalusiaIACSSentinel optical and radar Andalusian Regional Ministry of Agriculture, fisheries and Rural Development. Directorate-General for Direct Aid and Markets.ES - AndalusiaPaying AgencyVictor Miguel Ortiz Sanchez 
30Irish Permanent Grassland MonitoringIACSSentinel optical and radar Department of Agriculture, Food the Marine.IEMinistry AgriculturePhilip Blackwell 
16JRC pilot inventory and monitoring of the ‘eligible’ land under SAPS in BulgariaLand coverHR (commercial imagery) Joint Research Centre of the European CommissionECEC ServicesPavel Milenov; Kadim Tasdemir; Brooke Tapsalllink
17JRC pilot on optimization of HHR time-series for annual inventory of the agriculture land at country levelLand coverHR (commercial imagery) Joint Research Centre of the European CommissionBGEC ServicesKadim Tasdemir; Pavel Milenov; Brooke Tapsalllink
11Main crop detection, support of checks concerning crop diversificationLand useSentinel optical and radar StMELFDE - BavariaPaying AgencyKlaus Rothenbücher 
33Methodology for monitoring crops in AndalusiaIACSSentinel optical University of Cordoba.ES - AndalusiaPublic research (academic)Alfonso Garcia-Ferrer 
23Monitoring winter flooding in rice crop areasIACSSentinel optical and radar DG Ayudas Directas y de MercadosES - AndalusiaPaying AgencyVictor Miguel Ortiz Sanchez 
18Neural network-based clustering for agriculture managementLPISHR (commercial imagery) Joint Research Centre of the European CommissionECEC ServicesKadim Tasdemir; Csaba Wirnhardtlink
28Pilot Monitoring FarmlandIACSOtherNeterlands Paying AgencyNLPaying AgencyMarc Middendorp 
37POCTEFA PYREN-EOSServicesSentinel optical and radar HAZI FOUNDATIONES - PAIS VASCOPublic research (academic)Xabier Garitanolink
3RECAP - Personalised public services in support of the implementation of the CAPIACSOtherDRAXIS ENVIRONMENTAL S.A.GRPrivate researchM Simeonidoulink
24Remote sensing stubble burning detectionIACSSentinel optical Director General de la Producción Agrícola y GanaderaES - AndalusiaPaying AgencyMarcelino Bilbao Arrese 
9SEN4CAPIACSSentinel optical and radar European Space AgencyECPublic research (academic)Benjamin Koetzlink
29Small business innovation Research on mutation detection on LPIS parcelsIACSOtherNetherlands space office and Netherlands Enterprise AgencyNLPaying AgencyMarc Middendorp