Version 3.6 (10/09/2018)

Ortho-Image Return process integrated in G4CAP

  • [ORTHO IMAGE RETURN] Ortho image return process is managed by G4CAP Ortho Image Return service
  • [AR - MAP] User can change width of geometry lines, clicking the change-color icon of a layer
  • [IRTN MONITOR] The monitor manages OIRTNs too
  • [CAMPAIGN MONITOR] Enabled to Operators
  • [AR - VIEW] New column for JRC, Operators and Providers about ingested OIRTNs
  • [ACQUISITION - EDIT] Operators and IPs can change the FTP address of SRC IRTN for an already IDQAd Acquisition

Version 3.5 (29/05/2018)

New Acquisition upload XML, allowing "Forcibly Proposed" Acquisitions

  • [ACQUISITIONS - UPLOAD] Image Providers can now force Proposed Provider status at upload time
  • [CIAS - FEASIBILITY] New statistics about IPs' Feasibility evaluation
  • [CIAS] New Map and 2D charts for some statistics
  • [CIAS] Edits to be compliant with latest version of D10.1 template
  • [AR - MAP] Added a new 2D geospatial map displaying all IDQA/Accepted Acquisitions for one Country in one Campaign

Version 3.4 (29/03/2018)

Source Image Return process integrated in G4CAP

  • [SOURCE IMAGE RETURN] Source image return process is managed by G4CAP Source Image Return service
  • [REPORTS] AWs reports contains AWs original and final feasibility
  • [IMAGE REQUEST - EDIT] IR Method is now automatically set to correct one, once all IR'S AWs have accepted Feasibility
  • [NOTIFICATIONS] Unauthorised access notifications contain also the reason
  • [ACQUISITIONS - MAP] Disabled Acquisitions can now be seen on map clicking on their Map icon. They are still not displayed on AR Map
  • [CAMPAIGN RESULTS] New fields in "CwRS" and "Others" tabs
  • [ACQUISITIONS - EDIT] IPs and Operators can now reset delivery for Acquisitions if they have not been IDQAd yet
  • [ACQUISITIONS - UPLOAD] Fixed issue with upload of jpg imagery needing rotation

Version 3.3 (07/02/2018)

Improvements in Feasibility

  • [FEASIBILITY - MAP] Now a new map with Zones feasibility is available for all system stakeholders
  • [AW - STATUS] If an AR is closed manually before its natural end, its status is not "Cancelled", but "Interrupted"
  • [FEASIBILITY- IMPORT] New 2018 Feasibility with percentages for JRC and Operators
  • [AW - EXTENSION] Floating HR AWs will be automatically extended (if not Acquisitions), until LatestStart+length
  • [AW - FINALISATION] To finalise AWs, AWs for that Period needs not to have any definition issue and their Zones need to have shapefile
  • [REPORTS] AWs reports contains AW extension and backup information

Version 3.2 (03/01/2018)

2018 Technical Specifications update

  • [ZONES - EDIT] Possibility to automatically create a re-task Zone, keeping link with original
  • [AR - EDIT] Automatic extension of AWs if MS set the ad hoc flag
  • [ACQUISITION - EDIT] Automatic IDQA/Acceptance of Acquisitions if IDQA due date has passed
  • [ACQUISITION - EDIT] New AComp flag for Acquisitions delivered after application of AComp algorithm
  • [ACQUISITION - EDIT] Possibility to set an IDQA on hold by JRC
  • [ZONE - VIEW] Removed Acquisitions report export, as it is already in Reporting module
  • [IR - VIEW] Removed AWs report export, as it is already in Reporting module
  • [FLOATING - SR] It is now possible to disable a Floating SR, in the Floating SRs edit module
  • [ANNOUNCEMENTS] Announcements are now visible in a dedicated page when clicking on the Announcement notification link
  • [REPORTS] Reports now contain Delivery and Original Zone information
  • [DASHBOARD] New badges for Feasibility management (to be uploaded and to be managed)
  • [S2 DAEMON] It can now manage more than 100 results for every search (since 25/01/2018)

Version 3.1 (25/10/2017)

CIAS module released

  • [CIAS] New Campaign Image Acquisition Statistics module released
  • [NOTIFICATIONS] In case an Contractor adds a post-IDQA comment, this is reported in a dedicated notification
  • [AR - CLOSE] To manually close an AR before its natural end, Operator needs to fill in comments
  • [PRE-IRs] Added warning on the issues due to the use of IE
  • [PILOT4CAP] Added possibility to download Pilots info as HTMLs or their metadata as CSV
  • [POLLS] Added more info in answers report
  • [REPORTS] AW reports contains also next AW info

Version 3.0 (06/10/2017)

New Acquisition upload mechanism & Pre-IRs budget management

  • [PRE-IRs] G4CAP provides overview on Pre-IRs budget
  • [IMAGE RETURN] G4CAP is now prepared to host Source image return
  • [ACQUISITION - UPLOAD] Quicklook upload has been changed to simplify IP's input and cope with the new Image Return
  • [AQUISITION - EDIT] New IDQA foresees confirmation of actual Sensor and Image Mode information
  • [AQUISITION - EDIT] Contractors have to provide correct shapefile in case of area issues
  • [DNN] Upgrade to DNN 9.1
  • [DB] Legacy Lio_State table is totally dismissed
  • [DB] Sensor information is now in a dedicated table
  • [GUI] Unlogged user information has been made complient to EC guidelines
  • [GUI] Added service tool bar
  • [LOGIN] Security code (captcha) is now needed to login
  • [FWCs] FWCs are now linked to Campaigns
  • [NOTIFICATIONS] In case an Acquisition is IDQAd with an area different from the one uploaded by Provider, this is reported in the notification
  • [NOTIFICATIONS] In case an Acquisition is IDQAd with a different Sensor from the one uploaded by Provider, this is reported in a dedicated notification

Version 2.7 (26/05/2017)

Pilot4CAP module released

  • [PILOT4CAP] New module added to G4CAP
  • [SR STATS] New bar chart to display number of successful, failed and ongoing SRs by Country
  • [DNN] Upgrade to DNN 7.3
  • [CODE] All the Code now uses Entity Framework 6

Version 2.6 (05/05/2017)

Introduction of EPSG codes and new IDQA

  • [USERS - CREATION] Users are requested to change their password at first login
  • [AW - EDIT] Image Mode can be chosen just between the ones valid for selected Profile
  • [IR - EDIT] MS Administrations can choose which EPSG code use for every Zone in case they requested Ortho imagery
  • [REPORTS] Reports can be stored on the server and loaded any time afterwards to compare current status with previous ones
  • [MONITOR - USERS] It is possible now to reset the password of all users having the default one
  • [ZONES - EDIT] Once a new Zone is created in whatever way, an IR for that Zone is created automatically too
  • [ACQUISITION - EDIT] New IDQA management. Fields are compulsory just if Acquisition rejected, as requested in Lisbon 2016
  • [ACQUISITION - EDIT] New Post-IDQA comments for Contractors, as requested in Lisbon 2016
  • [CAMPAIGN RESULTS] New generic comments field, as requested in Lisbon 2016
  • [AW - EDIT] Aerial AWs cannot be defined in the past, as for any other AW
  • [AW - EDIT] It's now possible to change just Profile, or previous AW, or Image Mode of an AW not yet open, without editing the dates
  • [AW - EXTEND] Set constraints on the max date of extension in function of following AW
  • [BASKET - EXPORT] Now contains unitary price and amounts split by SC
  • [FEASIBILITY] Contractors can now see Feasibility for their Zones in the Feasibility module

Version 2.5 (10/04/2017)

New Users monitor module, HR Feasibility & AWs Pre-extension

  • [FEASIBILITY] Now managing HR Feasibility (with double state)
  • [NEW] Added new Users monitor module
  • [AW - EDIT] MSs can now pre-extend not yet opened AWs
  • [ZONES - UPLOAD] superuser can now overwrite Zones shapefiles even if ARs for that Zones exist, but area needs to be the same as before
  • [SRs] Latest Floating SRs G4CAP upload is now displayed in the table and sortable
  • [MAILS LOG] BCC field added in DB and GUI
  • [FEASIBILITY] Now managing change of Profile
  • [FEASIBILITY] Now managing backup-acceptance
  • [FEASIBILITY] Now sending notifications on comments
  • [FEASIBILITY] Now sending reminder every day after X days, if Feasibility has not been managed
  • [NOTIFICATION - SELECTION] Added possibility to disable Feasibility notifications
  • [NOTIFICATION - SELECTION] Added possibility to disable IDQA out of time notifications (not for Contractors/MS)
  • [USERS - EDIT] Users can now be created and edited just by JRC
  • [AW - EDIT] Aerial AWs can overlap with other AWs
  • [MAILS LOG] Log details are now loaded through AJAX
  • [PROFILES - EDIT] Profile abbreviation has to be unique
  • [FLOATING SR - EDIT] Dates are now chosable using date picker
  • [FWC - EDIT] Now it is possible to remove Organisations from FWC
  • [CODE] New management of DB connection pool
  • [LOG - SYLE] Fixed XSTL for Daemon's logs

Version 2.4 (07/02/2017)

New Feasibility analysis management

  • [FEASIBILITY] Feasibility analysis totally re-engineered and moved at AW level
  • [AW - EDIT] MSs can now cancel an existing AW before its AR is opened
  • [NEW] Tool to check failed SRs and reset them
  • [FWC - STATUS] SCs status can now be filtered by ongoing and expired status
  • [MSS MONITOR] Re-engineered and added column on Feasibility and on Sentinel Requests
  • [ARS OPENER] AWs are open automatically just if their Zone has a shapefile
  • [SRs] Number of successful Floating SRs is now displayed in the Floating SRs column
  • [STYLE] New footer image

Version 2.3 (17/01/2017)

Split between different feasibilities acceptances

  • [IR - VIEW] User can now accept just Autumn/Winter, HR, or VHR feasibility
  • [G4QLB] Zones names are now displayed on map
  • [G4QLB] Failed AWs are now displayed in red on the map
  • [REPORTS] Reporting module is now available also for Contractors and MS Admins
  • [REPORTS] IDQA-due date has been added to the reports
  • [LOGS] Log in actions are now logged in the DB

Version 2.2 (12/12/2016)

S2 Alert module enhancements

  • [S2 - VIEW] S2 Acquisitions are now grouped by Sensing date
  • [S2 - VIEW] S2 Acquisitions can now be disabled and re-enabled
  • [G4QLB] S2 Acquisitions are now grouped by Sensing date
  • [G4QLB] S2 Acquisitions can now be disabled
  • [AR - VIEW] S2 availability for AR is now displayed as checkbox
  • [G4QLB] Shapefiles are not filled in anymore, but are now transparent
  • [S2DAEMON] Adjusted to manage the new ESA S2 Granules metadata structure

Version 2.1 (17/10/2016)

Polls module implemented and operative

  • [NEW] Polls module implemented and integrated with homepage
  • [SENTINEL STATISTICS] Added new statistics on response time by ESA Hubs
  • [ACQUISITION EDIT] New IDQA field to be filled in by Contractors
  • [PROFILES] Profiles can now be filtered by their validity Campaign
  • [AERIAL AWs] Superuser can now change an Aerial Window Acquisition date
  • [DB] IDQA values are now in dedicated tables
  • [LOGS] Search is not automatic anymore, but search button has to be pressed
  • [AW - EXTENSION] Operators can now DE-extend an extended AW in 3 days from its original end

Version 2.0 (10/10/2016)

Release of brand new pre&post-IRs and Campaign Results modules

  • [NEW] Top main banner is now shrinkable to save vertical room
  • [NEW] Pre&Post-IRs module is totally re-designed and independent from any other source
  • [NEW] Implementation of the Campaign Results module, allowing MSs to provide the final results on a Campaign
  • [NEW] Implementation of a Sentinel statistics module
  • [NEW] MSs and Contractors can now set an Aerial AW as 'Failed'
  • [PROVIDERS] FWC list is displayed for every Provider Organisation
  • [CAMPAIGN YEARS] Campaign Years' preIRs can now be opened and closed from the Campaign Year module
  • [AERIAL ACQUISITION DATES] It is now possible to try to extend an Aerial AW
  • [MS MONITOR] Pre-IRs column updated with "not filled in"; "not finalised"; "finalised" possibilities
  • [MS MONITOR] Post-IRs column added with "not filled in"; "not finalised"; "finalised" possibilities
  • [MS MONITOR] Campaign Result column added with "not filled in"; "not finalised"; "finalised" possibilities
  • [DOCUMENTS] Edit icon is already visible without going to "Edit page" mode
  • [CODE] Campaign Years and Country DropDownList are managed by common utilities
  • [DB] Campaign Years and Countries are independent entities
  • [S2DAEMON] S2Daemon has now 1st and 2nd level caches for already managed Products and Granules
  • [BASKET] Added Contractor and price columns as requested by Airbus

Version 1.7 (12/07/2016)

Automatic creation of ARs

  • [NEW] Acquisition Requests are now created automatically X days before the opening of the AW
  • [NEW] Added forecast for sqkm still allocabable on single SCs
  • [ACQUISITION UPLOAD] It is now possible to upload PNG quicklooks
  • [FWC] Now the system provides a forecast of possible purchases for every SC split by Profile
  • [NOTIFICATIONS] Aerial acquisition notification contains information on following AW and are sent just to next-AW responsible Operator
  • [DAEMONS LOG] Possibility to filter by type of Daemon
  • [DAEMONS LOG] Now the logs are managed by a common XML log class
  • [AW - EDIT] Now user can just select Profiles managed by valid FWC

Version 1.6 (27/06/2016)

FrameWork Contracts and Specific Contracts management

  • [NEW] FWCs and SCs are now manageble in the system
  • [NEW] Basketified Acquisitions can now be allocated to one or more Specific Contracts
  • [DB] Provider status in Acquisitions is not a self-standing entity
  • [G4QLB] Fixed NG-LIO.NET error in reprojecting .tif quicklooks
  • [G4QLB] Possibility to zoom back to original Zone area
  • [G4QLB] Print of map now contains also selected layers metadata accordingly to GUI
  • [IR] Possibility to unpage the IRs list
  • [NOTIFICATIONS] AR concluded notification contains information on following AW
  • [NOTIFICATIONS] Notifications are not sent anymore to disabled users
  • [REPORTING] New AR reportings for Operators
  • [REPORTING] Possibility to exclude extended AWs from reports
  • [STYLE] New style for primary, secondary, update and delete buttons
  • [NOTIFICATIONS SETTINGS] Fixed the aerial Acquisition notification that was not working

Version 1.5 (30/03/2016)

Sentinel-2 alarming system integration + Sentinel Request (SR) modules

  • [NEW] Sentinel-2 alerting system implemented and integrated
  • [NEW] Daemons log module added to Campaign monitor
  • [NEW] Implemented the All Zones shapefile download notification
  • [NEW] Implemented the Unauthorised access log & notification
  • [E-MAIL LOG] Added filter by notification type
  • [CAMPAIGN MONITOR] Added a link to e-mail log
  • [DB] Cleaned up Zones, Acquisition, File tables
  • [DB] Added the new G4_IDQAStatus table
  • [ACQUISITION UPLOAD NOTIFICATION] Re-enabled G-LIO notification about "Haze" Acquisitions and Upload ones have Acquisition information
  • [NOTIFICATIONS SETTINGS] Added new notifications in the notifications settings and restructured the GUI of the module
  • [ACQUISITIONS] Haze Acquisitions are highlighted in the Acquisitions module
  • [ACQUISITIONS] Sensor information is now stored in an "ad hoc" field
  • [ACQUISITIONS] Delivery notes are now saved on the filesystem
  • [ANNOUNCEMENTS] Module updated to 7.0 and notifications added
  • [AERIAL ACQUISITION DATE] Added notifications to Operators
  • [NOTIFICATIONS] Changed the behaviour of late IDQA notifications
  • [ACQUISITION REQUEST] AR can be closed manually just if there are no pending Acquisitions in it
  • [G4QLB] Now it opens at full screen and it has optimisations about display of data
  • [G4QLB] Now it has more base layers to choose from

Version 1.4 (26/01/2016)

New Aerial Acquisition dates management module and JRC Monitor

  • [NEW] Introduced IR checks in G4CAP Monitor
  • [NEW] Introduced the possibility to "Fix" the order of AWs in an IR
  • [NEW] Introduced the G4Campaign Monitor
  • [NEW] New Aerial Acquisition Windows management module for MSs
  • [NEW] New functionalities to copy Providers, Operators and Contractors from previous Campaigns
  • [NEW] New IRs and AWs extract for Operator
  • [IR - COMPARE] Coloured the compact version
  • [ALLZONES_SHAPEFILE] Fixed attributes table with isVhr and isHr and VHR dates
  • [PROFILE - EDIT] Profiles names have to be in the form of "Abbreviation. Whatever"
  • [PROFILE - EDIT] Profiles have the isArchive attribute
  • [ACQUISITION - UPLOAD] At Acquisition upload time, in the Profile tag, Provider can just specify the Profile ID (e.g. "F0")
  • [ACQUISITION INFO] IDQA information has been added to the Acquisition information
  • [CAMPAIGN YEAR] Default value is automatically managed on update and delete
  • [ZONES - VIEW] Introduced a threshold for Zones discrepancy warnings
  • [AR - MAP] Disabled Acquisitions are not displayed in the G4QLB anymore
  • [REPORTING] Module totally re-engineered
  • [IR - EDIT] MSs cannot request "Both" delivery mode after request from EUSI
  • [IR - EDIT] Fixed a regex error, not allowing new lines in comments fields

Version 1.3 (21/12/2015)

New G4-QLB for MSs to check their Campaign status

  • [NEW] AWs for the same Country can be displayed on the same 2D-chart
  • [NEW] MS Administrations and Contractors can access to the status of their Zones from the IR module
  • [NEW] MS Administrations can automatically generate AWs from their pre-IRs
  • [NEW] G-Status column available for Zones and IRs
  • [NEW] MS Administrations can automatically generate Zones from CSV files
  • [NEW] MS Administrations can upload shapefiles for their Zones in a batch
  • [NEW] MS Administrations can download the shapefiles for their Zones
  • [NEW] pre-IRs can be reset MS by MS
  • [G-QLB] Re-engineered the whole managing of Campaign status maps
  • [G-QLB] Changed the style of Zones
  • [G-QLB] Users can browse maps of previous Campaigns
  • [HOME] New complete footer

Version 1.2 (16/09/2015)

Pre-Image Request module is now available for MSs and JRC

  • [NEW] pre-IR module is now active and totally fixed
  • [NEW] Reset log is now paged
  • [NEW] Reportings are now split by VHR and HR
  • [NEW] Delete of Users is now possible
  • [NEW] Added a user filter for the Action logs
  • [NEW] Issues in IRs are now shown in a dedicated column in IR module
  • [NEW] Contractors for a Zone are now shown in the Zone module
  • [NEW] Overview and comparison between pre-IRs and IRs for every MS
  • [NEW] Acquisitions exports in now available for Contractors and MSs from the Zones module
  • [RESET OBJ] Reset messages have been fixed in case of sequential reset
  • [CANCEL BUTTONS] Cancel buttons now works correctly even if the user came to the page through a notification link
  • [LOGIN] Agreement link is now correctly in HTTPS
  • [LOGIN] Password reset now works
  • [PRE-IR COMPARE] Year and Country are now synchronised with IR module ones
  • [G-QLB] In case of a missing quicklook file, we now display the error and not a crash
  • [*] Tables headers text now has blanks inside

Version 1.1 (12/08/2015)

Paging of tables (we are quicker now!) and security fixes

  • [NEW] Comments fields are now displayed on pop-ups to shorten tables width
  • [NEW] Filter by dates and paging have been implemented for e-mail log
  • [NEW] Paging of Log items has been implemented
  • [NEW] New Period and Validation date fields added to the Basket
  • [NEW] EC disclaimer added to the footer
  • [LOGIN] Fixed users login https/http problem due to Privacy statement page
  • [TOP MENU BAR] Overlay problem
  • [NOTIFICATIONS] Fixed problem due to clicking on 'Cancel' following notification link
  • [ACTIONS LOG] Sorting by Date
  • [USER MANAGEMENT] Contractors default sort order is now by Country and then by Name
  • [EDIT MODULES] Fixed NG-LIO security issue. URL parameters are now checked
  • [USER CREATION] "Weird" characters are now allowed for name and surname

Version 1.0 (31/07/2015)

Finalisation of version 0.3(.6) and deploy on public server

Version 0.3 (08/07/2015)

Integration with CAP Tool and first protorype of JRC Monitor

  • [NEW] CAP Tool totally integrated
  • [NEW] First prototype of JRC monitor developed
  • [MONTHLY BASKET] Country dropdown list is not active
  • [ACTIONS LOG] Critical error on date column header to sort
  • [PRE-IMAGE REQUEST] Unauthorised access
  • [ACQUISITION UPLOAD] Notification errors
  • [EDIT IMAGE REQUEST] Generate AWs does not work
  • [QLB] uploaded quicklook and acquisition shp not visible
  • [ACQUISITION REQUESTS] VHR Operator can create HR Acquisition Request
  • [PROFILES REQUEST] "All Countries" not working when I change year
  • [JRC MONITOR] Country name position
  • [VISUAL NAVIGATION] Manage authorisations
  • [EDIT IMAGE REQUEST] Required field warnings position
  • [IMAGE REQUEST] Logged in as VHR Provider error
  • [EDIT ACQUISITION] Notification errors
  • [QLB] Error clicking on Globe icon in Acquisition Request
  • [HOME PAGE] Difficult to click on "Home" menu
  • [EDIT ZONE] "Type of Zone" not needed any more
  • [ABOUT US] Images not visible
  • [ABOUT US] Check links
  • [ACQUISITION REQUESTS] White letters on white background
  • [ZONES] Exceeding Pre-IR info Area should be positive
  • [MONTHLY BASKET] "Select all" and "Invert selection" not working
  • [MONTHLY BASKET] Notification error
  • [IMAGE PROFILES] Actions log is empty when clicking on Id
  • [IDQA] "Required!" warning position
  • [MONTHLY BASKET] Basketify just for JRC
  • [IDQA] Wrong placement of warning on Acquired Area
  • [CUSTOMER FEEDBACK] just for authenticated users
  • [CAMPAIGN STATUS MAP] Strange things are displayed when clicking on a zone to get info
  • [CAMPAIGN SETTINGS] Campaign year update problem
  • [EDIT ZONE] Area still to be defined should be positive
  • [AW] Removed "Edit Page" grant for MS Administrators

Version 0.2 (19/06/2015)

Integration with NG-LIO 2.5 and minor fixes

  • [IR - VIEW] Implemented the select all and invert selection buttons in client-side fashion for IR - view
  • [G4preIR] Fixed bug in choosing the CountryId for the links in G4preIRProfiles
  • [LIOCodelist] Fixed LioCodeList modules to work with module title and not with tab name
  • [e-MAIL SELECTION] Fixed the select all button in the e-mail selection module
  • [PROFILE] Renewed the Profile module using Linq
  • [DOCUMENTATION] Fixed the Documentation module
  • [ZONES&IR] Zones and IRs module fixed for MSs & Contractors
  • [BASKET&ACQUISITION] Fixed Basket and Acquisition edit module
  • [LIBRARIES] Fixed the Information boxes behaviors
  • [AW - EDIT] Fixed the AW edit module
  • [DASHBOARD] Fixed the AcquisitionsToBeBasketified dashboard

Version 0.1 (27/05/2015)

First developments for CAP-tool integration and new CSS

  • [NEW] Concluded "NGLIO_CampaignSettings module v1.0"
  • [NEW] "Customer Feedback module v1.0"
  • [NEW] Added pre-IR boxes in Zone - View
  • [NEW] Added pre-IR label in Zone - Edit
  • [NEW] Created the LioAWGenerated module
  • [NEW] Implemented the automatic generation of AWs from pre-IR methods
  • [NEW] Implemented module for comparison of pre-IR and IR profiles area for single Country and ALL Countries, both in verbose and compact view
  • [NEW] Implemented pop-up windows for checking where you have allocated sqkms for a profile and displaying the link to directly go and change it
  • [NEW] Installed G-Bugzilla
  • [IR - VIEW] You can press on "Add..." just if there are Zones in your Country in the specified Year that still need to have an IR set else it is disabled
  • [IR - VIEW] Fixed IR - View GUI
  • [STYLE] Changed the main font in the CSS
  • [STYLE] Added a gray border to the tooltips
  • [AW - VIEW] Adding tooltips to AWs - View
  • [STYLE] Changed icons to more beautiful ones
  • [STYLE] Edited G-Bugzilla CSS
  • [ZONES] Zones - view & edit perfectly working now
  • [STYLE] Beautified Error and Warning messages
  • [AW - EDIT] Added warning message after auto-generation of AWs