The CAPISA WP on satellite image acquisition for the CAP

Legal basis

The legal basis for the Control with Remote Sensing (CwRS) program is given in Regulation (EU) No 1306/2013 (Articles 6(b), 21) and in its implementing regulations No. 908/2014 (Article 26), No. 809/2014 (Articles 24, 38, 39, 40), and No. 2333/2015.
The legal basis for the Land parcel Identification System (LPIS) Quality Assessment (QA), is given in Delegated Regulation (EU) No 640/2014 (Article 6).

According to above legislation, the Commission Services are required to centralize the acquisition of satellite images. This task has been transferred to DG JRC since 1998 (ref. 17 September 1998/VI/34942) and managed through a co-delegation Type I of signature by DG AGRI to DG JRC (int. ref. Ares(2015)1215220).

Image use

The main purpose of the satellite images acquired on the co-delegated budget is to allow Member States (MS) to carry out all or part of their CAP On-The-Spot (OTS) checks of the area-based subsidies of the CAP.
For these remote sensing checks, Very High Resolution (VHR) images (mainly satellite data) are used to cover random and risk based chosen control zones.
In addition to the VHR images, MS may use High Resolution (HR) images to further support the check of land cover type or checks of Good Agricultural and Environmental Condition (GAEC) and the greening requirements, such as crop diversification and measures related to the Ecological Focus Areas (EFAs). The second purpose of the imagery to be acquired on the co-delegated budget is to allow MS to assess the quality of their LPIS. For this purpose, only VHR images are used.


We are a team of motivated staff organized working together since several year and with a strong expertise on the project:

  • Par Aastrand - Project Leader
  • Philippe Loudjani - Project Leader
  • Juergen Breunig - HR operator
  • ​Blanka Vajsova - VHR Operator
  • Csaba Wirnhardt - G4CAP, DB, and SQL 
  • Slavko Lemajic - LPIS QA responsible