Operative documents
Operative documents

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New sensors benchmark report on Sentinel-2BPresentations&DisseminationBlanka Vajsova13/11/20172.71 MBDownload
Ortho IRTN - G4CAPOrthoIRTN.xsdG4CAPGiovanni Di Matteo29/08/20181.40 KBDownload
New sensors benchmark report on Planet Scope Presentations&DisseminationPär-Johan Astrand15/10/20183.62 MBDownload
New sensors benchmark report on Sentinel-2APresentations&DisseminationBlanka Vajsova16/10/20171.26 MBDownload
Sentinel-2 and feedback postersPresentations&DisseminationGiovanni Di Matteo20/07/20172.65 MBDownload
VHR IMAGE ACQUISITION SPECIFICATIONS for Campaign 2020OperationalPär-Johan Astrand20/03/20203.39 MBDownload
Ortho IRTN - instruction to follow 2019G4CAPPär-Johan Astrand20/08/2019462.05 KBDownload
Ortho IRTN - JRC_metadata.xml exampleG4CAPGiovanni Di Matteo29/08/20180.78 KBDownload
Excel for a calculation of a buffer around a control zoneOperationalBlanka Vajsova25/10/201710.55 KBDownload
G4CAP - AcquisitionUpload.xsdG4CAPPär-Johan Astrand22/08/20182.13 KBDownload
Atmospheric Compensation (AComp) on VHR imageryPresentations&DisseminationPär-Johan Astrand23/05/20175.28 MBDownload
CAP OTSC - preIRs 2020 launchedOperationalPär-Johan Astrand22/10/2019451.53 KBDownload
HR IMAGE ACQUISITION (HHR Profile) SPECIFICATIONS for Campaign 2020OperationalPär-Johan Astrand20/02/20202.13 MBDownload
New sensor benchmark report on KOMPSAT-3APresentations&DisseminationBlanka Vajsova10/07/20181.93 MBDownload
G4CAP user manualG4CAPPär-Johan Astrand03/12/201815.99 MBDownload
Guidelines for Best Practice and Quality Checking of Ortho ImageryPresentations&DisseminationPär-Johan Astrand11/11/20161.25 MBDownload


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Aria227/06/20161.98 MBThis is a zip archive containing the binaries of this free software.
Just explode it to your personal PC to be able to manage G4CAP metalink files for S2 granules download.
It does not need any installation