Draft VHR Specifications 2020 published - Nov. 15th 2019

Dear all, the draft final 2020 VHR Specifications have been published. Pls. have a look at them and make any comments to us at All new issues are highlighted in YELLOW. Not may changes from what was implemented in 2019. 

G4CAP hosting the platform for CAP2020+ pilot projects - see above menu Pilot4CAP
The aim of the platform Pilot4CAP is to gather and share information on pilot projects preparing the CAP community for CAP2020+ and therefore strive towards simplification and modernisation. You are invited to populate the platform with pilot projects you are participating to or you are aware of i.e. completed pilots, ongoing pilots, or pilot projects you are planning to start. View and query is open to all without need for credentials. You need a login and password if you want to add a project. Please see menu above Pilot4CAP. Do not hesitate to contact JRC for any question/information to
simsec-iat email group is discontinued, and substituted by ....
Pls. note that the email is now substituted by
Use this new email when contacting us in future regards to VHR/HR/LPIS imagery and any G4CAP issue.
Best Regards, Pär Å
Updated S2 alert module micro-manual

Dear G4CAP users,

   we have just uploaded in the Documentation section an updated version of the Sentinel2 alert module micro-manual.

We strongly encourage the reading in order to understand the new features available.

G4CAP 2.0

Dear G4CAP users,

   today the system is going to be upgraded to version 2.0, providing new important features for MSs Administrations, so it will be unavailable for about half a day. We thank you in advance for your understanding and patience.


Dear G4CAP users,

  we are glad to announce that the S2 Alert module is now working well and this morning we successfully completed the latest Sentinel Requests to be managed over Ireland. Actually we have solved the issue with ESA infrastructure since the 19th of August, but we waited for completely manage all the Sentinel Requests in the system before making this announce.

Please exploit this feature as much as you can, in order to evaluate the usefulness of Sentinel-2 imagery for your controls and provide important feedbacks for 2017 Campaign.

In case of issues or requests for information, do not hesitate to contact us at, or check the manual available in the Documentation section.


Dear G4CAP users,

   after two very positive months of tests of the Sentinel2-alert module (more than one hundred Sentinel Requests collected, hundreds of compliant S2 Acquisitions stored and notified), we are now facing some technical issues in the interaction with the upgraded ESA S2 infrastructure.

We are in strict contact with ESA support team to figure out what is causing the issue (that seems to be on their side) and how to solve the problem. Unluckily we have to suspend our service until a solution is found. We will come back to you as soon as we will have (good) news and data search will be reactivated. Thanks a lot for understanding.

G4CAP upgraded to version 1.6

Dear G4CAP users, upgrade to version 1.6, housing the new modules for Sentinel-2 alerts, and other updates visible in the versions log have been done. We will soon issue an instruction for the S2 alert sw module.


Dear G4CAP users, the JRC is pleased to announce that a new version of the G4QuicklookBrowser has been released yesterday on the production environment. To be able to use it, please clear the cache of your browser after on a G4QLB window. In Chrome you have to type SHIFT+F5, in Firefox CTRL+F5, in IE CTRL+SHIFT+DEL. We hope you will enjoy our new developments.


The JRC welcomes you to the new Web application studied and implemented to fulfil the CwRS users needs.

This new system will try to improve your daily experience and to answer to your needs and wishes about the management of the CAP image acquistion Campaign.

Our team sincerely hopes to satisfy your expectations. 

In case of technical issues

Dear G4CAP users, we are doing an hard job to get the new system online and make it performant. We kindly ask you to be patient in case something is not working and just report all the issues you experience to, together with a description of the context and a screenshot of the misbehaviour. 

We are trying to do our best to improve your daily work and we will improve our system day by day, following your suggestions.


Welcome to G4CAP

The Web application for the management of the CAP CwRS and LPIS QA campaigns

G4CAP is a Web application, provided by the Joint Research Centre for DG AGRI.
It is used to manage all information flow between stakeholders involved during the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) satellite image acquisition campaign:

  • DG AGRI;
  • the JRC;
  • the image providers and operators;
  • the Member States Administrations;
  • their appointed contractors.

This application is a key component of the Directorate D Sustainable Resources, D.5 Food Security, MARS-CAPLAND Project (JRC Project Browser #4849), Workpackages:

  • CAPISA, CAP Implementation Support Activities, Project Browser #3889
  • GTCAP, Guidance and Tools for CAP implementation, Project Browser #496.

Contact us:

Science Hub:

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The CAP is a common policy for all the Member states of the European Union. It is managed and funded at European level from the resources of the EU annual budget.
Launched in 1962, the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is a partnership between agriculture and society, between Europe and its farmers. Its main aims are:
  • to improve agricultural productivity, so that consumers have a stable supply of affordable food;
  • to ensure that EU farmers can make a reasonable living.